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Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

RE/MAX Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement
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Thank you for taking the time to visit RE/MAX Lakes Realty. I purchased RE/MAX Lakes Realty in January of 2014 with the purpose of continuing to deliver superior real estate services to our clients; service that can be matched by nobody. At RE/MAX Lakes Realty we will continue to offer the very latest in online marketing technology and will consistently stay ahead of the curve. I specialize is residential lakeshore sales and provide agency services for sellers, buyers, and investors. Myself or one of our agents would be pleased to help.

Thank you for checking out my profile.  My name is Aaron Jones and I am the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Lakes Realty.  I specialize in lakeshore home sales on West Lake Okoboji, East Lake Okoboji, Big Spirit, Lake Minnewashta, Lower Gar Lake, and Upper Gar Lake.   Below you will find over 150 testimonials on Zillow.
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"Working with Aaron on this particular real estate transaction was very satisfying. His knowledge and professionalism made the entire process ... more "
by claydent
"After renting a cabin in Bridges Bay several times, our family loved the area and the amenities, we decided to buy one, we contacted a few others ... more "
by dkbh115
I have been selling real estate since 2012. I am a lifelong resident of Lake Okoboji and my family has been in construction for about 60 years. I grew up in construction and understand construction costs, and this has helped me immensely in adding value for my clients. Prior to selling real estate, I managed a furniture manufacturing facility in Milford, IA. I learned a lot about lean manufacturing and have brought many of those concepts into our business here, mainly focused on efficient technologies in real estate. I have a great team of 24 agents that work together to find buyers for our clients. I have 2 incredible employees, and also have a technology business partner in India, and we have been developing real estate management and paperless transaction management solutions, along with our own proprietary electronic signature service (www.signfast.com and www.leadcity.com) and we use these solutions daily in our office. I have built 5 homes since I was 26, 4 of them being lake homes, and I invest everything I have in real estate. 
I’m very proud of our agents in so many ways, but the success is partially defined by the numbers. In 2020, our office closed more Dickinson county transactions than any other office, and in Dickinson county, we beat all other offices in Sales volume by over $20,000,000. We know how to market; we know how to treat people, and we know how to do the right thing, regardless of dollar signs. Lastly, since 2015, I have closed more transactions than any other agent in the MLS in Dickinson county, and I’m proud to say that I was #1 in sales volume in 2020 for the entire MLS. When you hire me to sell, you will get ethical, professional service with expertise in online marketing, social media marketing, and web lead generation, which will produce a buyer for your home.  When you hire me to buy, you will have someone in your corner that will find you that perfect home, even if that means sending out mailers or contacting owners through facebook to find you that special place.


Aaron Jones Listing

16724 & 16723 255th Avenue, Spirit Lake, IA 51360
Status: Pending

A rare find. This gorgeous East Lake home comes with 2 extra parcels across the street with a heated shop included. You will also love the lakeside master, open entertainment areas, not to mention the steam shower, floating staircase, in-floor...

  • 210650MLS #
  • 3BATHS
  • 6BEDS
  • 3786SQFT
Status: Active

Office building for sale or lease. Individual office leasing is also a potential option. Leaseback also an option to potential investor. Business has relocated to Arnolds Park. This high traffic location located on highway 71 just a mile south...

  • 210910MLS #
  • 4754SQFT
435 240Th Avenue #407, Arnolds Park, IA 51331
Status: Pending

The price is RIGHT on this top floor LAKEFRONT condo at Bridges Bay. Enjoy breathtaking views of East and West Lake, watch the fireworks every Saturday night, and check out the amazing sunsets. This unit comes mostly furnished as well. There is...

  • 210959MLS #
  • 2BATHS
  • 2BEDS
  • 1211SQFT
290 240Th Avenue #150, Arnolds Park, IA 51331
Status: Pending

Absolutely gorgeous cabin at Bridges Bay that was lightly owner occupied. This 3 bedroom (plus huge loft), 3 bath cabin has been extremely well cared for and has not been rented. Everything in the unit stays, including all decor, furniture, TV's...

  • 210993MLS #
  • 3BATHS
  • 3BEDS
  • 1669SQFT
1305 Waska Drive, Wahpeton, IA 51351
Status: Pending

A classic Okoboji cottage located on this rare ''double lot'' property is just steps from West Lake. There is the possibility of West Lake Hoist Access through the city and Meneyata Park Association. The 1 bed, 1 bath cottage provides a nice...

  • 210320MLS #
  • 1BATHS
  • 1BEDS
  • 572SQFT

Area Insights

South Shore Estates in Lower Gar Lake

South Shore Estates

Lower Gar Lake

South Shore Estates is the newest lakeshore development on Lower Gar. Here you have access to West Lake, East Lake, Minnewashta, and Upper Gar.

"The Bridge"

West Lake Okoboji

"The Bridge" has been referred to by the Wharf Bridge, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Bridge, the bridge connecting East and West, among other names. In the good old days, this was actually a draw bridge converted to the current permanent structure. In the 90's when the 3 lane was installed, there was talk about removing the bridge and making some drastic changes. All in all, the base of the bridge remained, and the upper structure was improved. I remember as a kid jumping off the bridge, and fishing on and under the bridge. In fact, an unforgettable memory I have is when I was fishing with my cousin and I casted out trying to reach the opposite corner of the bridge with my lure. In mid air, a pigeon flew and the timing was so great that my line wrapped around the pigeon, and the pigeon went into the water. I reeled it up and had caught a pigeon. My cousin then decided to hold this pigeon inside the front of his coat. We went to show people at Okoboji Boats what we had caught. When we got there, he opened his jacket, and the pigeon had pooped all over his white shirt.

Emerald Hills in Arnolds Park

Emerald Hills

Arnolds Park

Emerald Hills Golf Course is one of the premier golf courses in the Iowa Great Lakes. Golfers throughout Okoboji will tell you that compared to the rest of the golf courses around, Emerald Hills is probably the most challenging. When I grew up as a kid, we lived just a half block from the back side of the course. We would sneak on with a couple short little clubs and balls we found walking the course and sometimes spent more time being chased by the sprinklers than trying to hit golf balls. Emerald Hills was owned by Gordy and Bette Benit many years ago and they can be credited with growing this course into the masterpiece it has become. Later purchased by Randy Rohlfsen and a few others, Emerald has flourished as one of the best courses around. If memory serves me right, Randy has been there since the early 1990's and has always had a strong conviction to help young golfers. He has taught and coached numerous high school teams, and they also put on a 5 day junior camp every year which has been a tremendous hit. I grew up on this course and can honestly say, you better be hitting the ball straight!

"Turn-Over" Thermocline

West Lake Okoboji

Referred to locally as the lake turning over the thermocline is a feature of lakes with deep water. The water on the top of the lake changes temperature much more variably during the year. On West Lake, it can reach as much as 75 degrees in July while the water below, greater than 35 or 40 feet deep is relatively stable around 45 degrees. In the fall and early winter, the top strata of the lake will cool to below 45 degrees, and then because it becomes denser, it will "sink" below the lower strata, thus, displacing it and making the lake "turn-over". In the deepest part of West Lake (near the 136ft mark), no light is availble, and hence little life is known whether fish or plant. Typically questions are raised as to why the surface water gets dirty for a short period of time in the fall, this this is the standard answer.

Beware the (I'll get your home sold in a week) agent in The

Beware the (I'll get your home sold in a week) agent

The "Real" Estate Blog

I hear this one all the time from prospects looking to list their house. "Well, agent xyz told us that if we listed with her, she'd have it sold in a week." This would fall into the category of "If it sounds too good to be true, the probably is." The majority of agents are not going to make this claim, but rather will give you an honest market analysis, inform you as to how weak or strong the market is, especially the market in which your home resides, and present the objective facts. A good agent will then lay out an effective marketing plan, where the majority of the focus should be on "online marketing". Be careful to not get caught up in empty promises, reduced commissions, and being talked in to lowering your price below market value (unless you must have a quick sale). The key to choosing a good listing agent is to objectively determine who is going to provide you the best opportunity to sell your home. Will your listing agent also aggressively work to find buyers, or will they just list your home and wait for another agent to do the work.

Okoboji Boat Works in West Lake Okoboji

Okoboji Boat Works

West Lake Okoboji

Okoboji Boat Works is home to "The Fish Shack" and "The Inconvenience Store". Formerly a marina of thriving boat sales since 1890, OBW now offers up many different rentals, a 24 hour gas dock, excursion boats, and more. I remember the days as a child of fishing for crappie and blue gill here and along the docks of Smith's Bay. Though the scenery has changed, the outstanding fishing has not.

Omaha Beach in West Lake Okoboji

Omaha Beach

West Lake Okoboji

Omaha Beach is on the north end of Echo Bay, extending out into Omaha Point. Known for its secluded private access from Lakeshore Drive, Omaha Beach properties are some of the most sought after on West Lake, easily fetching over $15000 per linear foot of lakeshore.

The Three Sons in Milford

The Three Sons


Founded in 1960, the Three Sons has been a staple of Milford, IA retail. From Herman and Emil Richter, owners, was born the University of Okoboji, a ficticious university that calls the entire Iowa Great Lakes the campus of the U of O. Part of the experience of shopping the three sons, if walking the old battered floors, and taking a trip upstairs for half price, plus a buck. Brands you would expect in Milford Iowa are abundant, such as Patagonia, Oakley, Under Armour, Tommy Bahama, and more. There are currently 2 other stores; one at the amusement park, and another near the Regal Beagle called the bridge store. No self-respecting visitor to Okoboji leaves without visiting one of their stores.

"The Harbor"

West Lake Okoboji

The harbor is a man made inlet located on the north end of West Lake. A board walk surrounds the harbor and this is one of the most tranquil parts of the lake. Homeowners in the harbor have a more affordable way to have access to West Lake, and still get to enjoy the clean waters West Lake has to offer. Homes in the Harbor typically range from about $350k to as much as $700k.

Dry Dock in Restaurants of the Iowa Great Lakes

Dry Dock

Restaurants of the Iowa Great Lakes

The Dry Dock, connected to Four Season's Resort offers a simplified menu, but consistent delicious food. One of the few restaurants on West Lake Okoboji, the Dry Dock offers up legendary breakfasts, great lunches and dinners, and the local favorite Friday Night Fish Fry. Sit inside or out after arriving by foot, car, or boat.


My wife and I live out of state and had never purchased a property before. For years, we had been vacationing in the Okoboji area with our kids and grandchildren. We loved the many offerings of lakes, amusement park, boating, great places to eat, and the friendly Iowa people. We were nearing retirement and thought just maybe we could find a place on the lake to call our own. I think it was providence that got us hooked up with Aaron Jones of REMAX and to our benefit, it proved to be the best decision we could have made. Aaron began interviewing us as to what kind of property we thought we wanted, the location we thought we wanted, and what we thought our non-negotiables were. It is interesting what we initially think and how we can change our minds as the "hunt" begins. Aaron was patient with us as we went back and forth in our thinking and even from lake to lake and price to price. He was relentless in bringing properties before us for our consideration. Living out of state and making many spur of the moment trips to Okoboji was challenging to all. Finally, Aaron got wind of a property coming up that I think he knew was what we were really looking for. It was and we quickly made the purchase. Aaron stayed faithfully with us to the end, keeping all aspects of the sale moving forward. Navy SEALS are experts at what they do. Aaron Jones is an expert at what he does. We are enjoying our dream property and we take this opportunity to thank you once again Aaron for staying with us and making our home a reality

John and Gloria

28 Dec, 2013 12:13 AM CST

Aaron was very helpful through all phases of our purchasing process. Despite our primary residence being three hours from Spirit Lake where we were purchasing, Aaron's local knowledge and connections made our process very simple. We would highly recommend Aaron's services going forward


28 Dec, 2013 12:13 AM CST

We had been to Boji off and on and finally decided to look at some properties there. We had found a place that we were interested in and called Aaron to see if he could show it to us. Aaron was very prompt and not only showed us that property but took us around to look at several others. Aaron would always e-mail us with new listings or let us know if anything came up that he thought would be of interest to us. He was always there to answer any questions. We were very pleased with the way Aaron handled the closing on our lake home and would highly recommend his expertise as a realtor

Mark and Diane

28 Dec, 2013 12:14 AM CST

Aaron did a great job for us! He was dependable and followed through. He did a great job marketing and presenting the house. Aaron found a buyer and when it came time he got the deal done!


28 Dec, 2013 12:14 AM CST

Aaron has excelent local area knowledge and a passion for our Iowa Great Lakes area. He was ambitious in showing our RE and finding our buyers. Negotiation skills made our listing a sale

Bruce and Marline

28 Dec, 2013 12:14 AM CST