The marketing future of selling your home or business is now.  No other Realtor in the Iowa Great Lakes has more technical and online marketing experience the Aaron Jones of  With over 80 domains/web sites dedicated to leading buyers to your listing, is revolutionizing the way we market properties, homes, and businesses to potential buyers.  We don't believe that web tools such as google adwords, adsense, Facebook, Twitter, youtube and the like are just buzz words.  They are concrete avenues we utilize to organically find buyers for your listing.  Nearly 100% of all property searches begin online.  But not to worry, we also advertise on radio, newspaper, magazines, and signage.  BojiHomes also donates to charitable organizations that not only help our area, but gives you, the seller more exposure.

For those of you ready to sell or tinkering with the idea of selling your home, you need not look any farther than RE/MAX. Take a look below at the simple facts.  Many people in the Lakes area, when buying a home, are coming from our of town.  They may be looking for a vacation home, or may be looking to relocate (why wouldn't you?).  Where do you think they look first?  RE/MAX, of course.  With the power of RE/MAX and our unique marketing approach, my team is able to market your property all over the United States and the World.  RE/MAX offers us the tools for creative marketing campaigns and design centers allowing your home to be showcased unlike any other.  But it's not all about marketing, you still get professional assistance when it comes to valuing and pricing your home.  We are here to help you with ideas on how to improve the saleability of your home, and most importantly I do the work, so you don't have to.  I will negotiate, and present offers and counter-offers and give you peace of mind, all the way through closing. 

Below are the facts, and you can see why RE/MAX is the smart choice.


• Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

• RE/MAX Associates average more sales than other real estate agents.

• RE/MAX Associates have more real estate sales experience than other real estate agents.

• RE/MAX has the most productive sales force in real estate.


• Billions of dollars have been spent promoting the RE/MAX brand and agents.

• RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate.

• No name in real estate is better known than RE/MAX.

• When you join RE/MAX you're receiving the benefit of billions of dollars of advertising that have made RE/MAX the real estate leader it is today.

• RE/MAX dominated national TV advertising in 2010, reaching more viewers than all other real estate brands combined.

• RE/MAX dominates national real estate TV advertising.

• In 2010, RE/MAX dominated national TV advertising, with a 59-percent Share of Voice, for viewers 25-54.

• Millions of buyers and sellers visit

• Millions of buyers and sellers visit for their real estate needs.

• attracts millions of buyers and sellers.

• attracts millions of real estate buyers and sellers.

• is the most visited real estate franchise Web site.
"ComScore, and Hitwise for 6-month period ending Aug. 31, 2011")

• shows all of the listings in thousands of cities and towns.


• RE/MAX is in more countries than any other real estate brand.

• RE/MAX is in more countries than any of our competitors.

• RE/MAX is in over 80 countries, more than any of its competitors.

Hot Air Balloon

• The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon fleet is the largest in the world.

• The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon fleet is the largest in North America.


• RE/MAX agents make up less than 2 percent of real estate agents, but account for more than 12 percent of all agents' sales.

• RE/MAX offers support and services not available at other real estate companies.

• Each year, RE/MAX agents help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a home.

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Community Updates

Brooks Golf Course

Brooks Golf Course in Okoboji

Brooks Golf Club is one of the premier golf courses in the Iowa Great Lakes. Located in Okoboji, Iowa, Brooks is one of the few 27 hole golf courses in Iowa. I've personally been a member here for a number of years, and can tell you that not other course offers the beauty and upkeep that Brooks provides. The numerous flower beds, Caribbean beach like bunkers, bent grass fairways, natural prairie grass, and rolling hills provide for an aesthetic pleasure as you play all 27 holes. Brooks also has one of the nicest practice facilities in the state as well. Come say hi to John, Bret and their teams of professionals. if you are an avid golfer and in Boji, you won't want to miss these links.

Real Estate and MLS Homes For Sale in Okoboji

Haywards Bay

Haywards Bay in West Lake Okoboji

Haywards Bay on West Lake Okoboji boasts low approaches and one of the few areas on West Lake to offer sand beaches. Renowned for the "bay of the flags", you will know you are in Haywards bay because of the all the American flags on the end of the docks. Fishing is great in Haywards Bay and the sunsets are one in a million. To get to Haywards Bay by car, one would drive the east side of the lake on Lakeshore Dr.

Real Estate and MLS Homes For Sale in West Lake Okoboji

"The Bridge"

"The Bridge" has been referred to by the Wharf Bridge, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Bridge, the bridge connecting East and West, among other names. In the good old days, this was actually a draw bridge converted to the current permanent structure. In the 90's when the 3 lane was installed, there was talk about removing the bridge and making some drastic changes. All in all, the base of the bridge remained, and the upper structure was improved. I remember as a kid jumping off the bridge, and fishing on and under the bridge. In fact, an unforgettable memory I have is when I was fishing with my cousin and I casted out trying to reach the opposite corner of the bridge with my lure. In mid air, a pigeon flew and the timing was so great that my line wrapped around the pigeon, and the pigeon went into the water. I reeled it up and had caught a pigeon. My cousin then decided to hold this pigeon inside the front of his coat. We went to show people at Okoboji Boats what we had caught. When we got there, he opened his jacket, and the pigeon had pooped all over his white shirt.

Real Estate and MLS Homes For Sale in West Lake Okoboji

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